Saturday, 19 February 2011

The Power of Community

I suppose this post could be considered a little off topic, since it's not really anything directly related to the shop, but it's something that I believe helps fuel our desire to run a shop. Putting time and effort into making something that you hope other people will see the value in and want to buy becomes hard when no-one is purchasing from your shop. It can make you feel that your creations aren't good enough, and that you are simply wasting your time and money on supplies and listings. However, I think this is where Folksy really comes into its own as a site for selling home-made stuff.

The community area on Folksy is where I spend most of my time on the site. When the shop was first opened, this was because I knew promotion was going to be key. However, two months in, and I now look forward to spending an hour or so on the forums. Everyone is friendly and encouraging, and there is a lot or diversity in terms of things to talk about. It's also full of really helpful people - I've been assisted with enquiries about public liability insurance within minutes of posting, which was really helpful.

I've also seen lots of other people being given help, be they relative newbies or old hands. As a long time user of forums and chatrooms on the internet, the atmosphere at Folksy really surprises me. There is no semblance of clique-i-ness, and I haven't seen even a hint of nastiness between posters - surprising when you consider that the forums are unmoderated and all users are technically in competition with each other when it comes to making sales and having your shop noticed. This feeling of almost family that exists there should be celebrated, as it is far from the norm around the internet.

So thank you, Folksy community for your support, advice, wise words, good humour and all round friendliness. It is a pleasure to run a shop alongside you all.


  1. So glad you like Folksy! I'll have been in the forums for three years this summer. It's by far the friendliest site I've come across:) Vic x

  2. What a lovely post and i totally agree with you. The Folksy forums feel like home ☺

  3. I'm reasonably new to Folksy (not to online selling) and I have to say I totally agree, just the loveliest feel to the place, I'm really enjoying myself. Great post.

  4. Totally agree, I've only had my shop open for about a month now so relatively new. The forums are great for help, advice and making new friends.

  5. i agree entirely,this is the third site ive been on and by far the best.I must say,ive been suprised,by the genuine feel of the place,because you dont always get it.Thanks for this blog
    jean xx

  6. I agree 100%.. had my shop on Folksy for about a month or so now, and its the most friendliest, helpful place I have ever come across. Such good advice, helpful comments and all round encouragement. I feel part of the Folksy Family already!
    Lovely blog..thank you :-)xx
    Emma at Ems-Jems Jewellery

  7. As the Community Manager at Folksy - I'm in charge of keeping the forums a happy place, I took over the role from Anne (ILike) and it was quite daunting, it's a major part of the site and important for us to keep it on an even keel - we do have occasional issues but they are really very infrequent.

    Thank you so much for this post it has made my day :)

  8. :) And all these lovely comments pretty much prove my point! Thank you for reading guys.