Friday, 11 February 2011

Adding Pictures to a Post, Folksy Style

Putting pictures on Folksy is easy once you know how, because you use the same technique each time, only with some small differences.

NOTE: If you're using a Mac rather than a PC, whenever you hear "right click" being mentioned, obviously you can't right click, so instead you need to hold CTRL and left click instead. Thanks to Lin for pointing this out!

Here is the code you need:

<a href=""><img height="200" src="http://YOURIMAGECODEGOESHERE.jpg"></a>

Now to help you understand what you're actually doing, the first space to enter your own info is where it says "YOURUSERNAMEGOESHERE". This creates a link to your folksy shop, so that when you click on your image, it goes to your shop. Now the second place you need to edit is where it says YOURIMAGECODEGOESHERE. This link is the address that your image is kept at, and basically directs your web browser to that place so it knows what picture to put on the page.

So now you know what code you need, it's best to copy it from above and paste that into the reply box of the thread you want your picture to be on. Once that's done, you can start filling in the details I've explained above.

Okay, so filling the first link in is easy, you know your username, but finding the image of your picture may be harder. I'm assuming you're using Internet explorer, so here's what you do. Click play!

Now that you've got the URL, you just need to add it to your Folksy post. Go back to the reply box that you had, and do the following:

Hope this helps! Once you've got the hang of it, it'll become second nature. Also, if you like you can replace the first link with the actual URL of the item featured in the picture.


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  1. thanks for the info - it is so easy to be intimidated by stuff like this, and there is always stuff on the folksy forums about banners, avatars, pictures in threads etc.

    I'm so lucky my other half is a graphic designer, but I would definitely give a go after reading this